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****28x50 Clear Sanding Sealer/Filler****


††††††††††† Simtec clear sanding sealer is an easy sanding clear polyester.It is made to fill and make the building of a clear or colored surface easier and sanding that surface a whole lot easier.




††††††††††† This product can be applied to any wood surface, graphite or fiberglass surface.It will seal the surface completely and build the surface so it is ready to topcoat.


Surface Preparation:


††††††††††† Prepare the surface to be coated by sanding with 220 to 320 grit, non-sterated sandpaper.Then remove all dust of foreign matter from the surface.Special attention should be given to surface preparation as the service life of any coating is prolonged in proportion to the efficiency with which this operation is performed.


Preparing the Coating:


††††††††††† Now prepare the clear sanding sealer by adding the correct amount of catalyst, 2 % or .5 oz per quart.Be sure to mix catalyst in thoroughly.28x50 requires no thinning and your pot life is 20 minutes at 77 degrees F.


††††††††††† Simtecís 28x50 can be applied with an HVLP or Lacquer type gunor can be made for a plural component system which ever is acceptable in your area.Use 25-45 lbs. air pressure with the lacquer type gun, holding the spray gun 12-18 inches from the surface being coated.


††††††††††† You should spray 3 coats 5-6 mills thick on each coat.You can spray 15 minutes apart at 77 degrees or till the product is tacky when you touch and itís a little bit stringy then recoat.


††††††††††† Now youíre ready for topcoat or your color coat.Just sand the sealer smoothwith 220 grit paper to get a mechanical bond and your ready.You can topcoat with Simtecís 27x6, 21x6 or 19x6 Clear topcoats, or any other product you may desire.