***4900 Series Neutral & White Application***

Patching Paste 49x2 & 4981



            Patching Paste is available in neutral color (49x2).  It can be made up also in white (4981).  Patching Paste is an isophtalic, air cure, heavy duty, polyester paste.

Application & Surfacer Preparation:

            The Simtec Patching Paste will cure within two hours and then can be sanded easily without gumming.  It feathers out excellent without loss of adhesion.  It is recommended to fill surface imperfections and small cracks and holes before painting.  In case of “pin air” in a surface use the 2090 or 2081 Sanding Surfacer’s;  which will fill and bridge these.

Preparing the Coating:

            The Patching Paste must be catalized.  Catalyze 2% with MEKP and stir thoroughly.  Catalyst  to be used is:  Superox 702 MEK Peroxide.

1 Fluid ounce of Patching Paste:   Use 20 dropps MEKP or ½ ml MEKP                                                    1 Fluid ounce of Patching Paste:   Use 80 dropps MEKP or 2 ml MEKP

            Material will begin to harden in about 12 to 20 minutes at ambient temperature.  Apply with a squeegee or putty knife and allow to cure for the finish you use.  We recommend to use Prestec as a finish coat and or our Sanding Surfacers as a primer first.


            The Simtec Patching Paste is available in quarts only.  The shelf-life is six months from date of manufacture when stored at normal temperatures.  When kept in a cool storage it can be stored for longer periods of time.  It is normal that the Patching Paste will be OK for over one year of storage.

            The Patching Paste can be used for Patching critical items such as molds, any fiberglass parts and even furniture.  Also ideal for radomes; it does not interfere with radar signals.


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