5111 PVC Mold Release


Simtec 5111 PVC is a Film Forming mold release that comes in a liquid form and has a blue transparent color.  It is similar to lacquer in consistency and application.






It forms a film like cellophane and it does not have the irregularities and seediness you find in water soluble mold release.  It dries in 15 to 30 minutes depending on the temperature and the film thickness.


It is important to spray a heavy film so it can be removed after use without tearing it.  Remove by “air blast” with an air hose or just peel it off.


It dries in a very high gloss and is not affected by humidity or water.  It saves just hours of work because of the beautiful high gloss parts it produces immediately at the first part.

Spray like a lacquer with a lacquer type gun.  Clean up gun with acetone….


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