59x1 UV Cure pore Filler



            59x1 UV cure pore filler is a product that is used to fill the pores of wood that are hard to fill with paint alone.  It is an acralated polyester.  It can be uv cured with a Mercury Vapor bulb.


            This product can be applied over non oily woods.  Oily woods such as Coca bola and some Rose woods will need a barrier coat for better cure & adhesion.  Simtec makes a barrier coat  58x1 Adhesion Promoter for Oily Wood & 58x2 Adhesion Promoter Catalyst.

            You can apply the 59x2 with a sponge and then remove the excess with a paper towel or a squeegee.  Then cure the product.   You will need to cure it twice to get a good cure depending on the type bulb you have.  It can be cure immediately due to high solids of the pore filler.  You can sand and repeat the step again for better filling qualities.

            Now you are ready to Apply the 3700 series of UV cured Sealer & Topcoats.

            ***Use 200 - 600 watt per inch Mercury vapor Bulbs.










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